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Erika Engstrom
Let me clarify--there were some solid answers, but regarding threshold for going remote, still no concrete percentage rate, but a combination of factors.
Erika Engstrom
We did get an e-mail address to send requests directly: . If a course is currently listed on the schedule and still does not have a room please contact us through aca.classroom@uky.edu (Main Academic Campus) or med.classroom@uky.edu (Med Campus) with details on the room need. We have multiple staff monitoring those e-mail accounts to try to address issues as promptly as possible.
Jen Smith
So JOU 101 is a class of 90 with TBD still showing. Should I use that email address or go to my unit heads?
Hyun Ju Jeong
Because of a lack of lab space, we may need to use a traditional room asking students to bring their own laptop. Just time to be more flexible.
Catherine Hayden
Today’s FAQ: https://ci.uky.edu/ci/sites/default/files/Answers%20to%20questions%20for%20the%2008.07%20forum%5B1%5D.pdf
Anthony Limperos
Please understand that the experiences of all my family who works in heathcare can it be a catch all. I have one ER doc, two surgeons, two nurses, and one doc in training in my family. They have all cared for COViD positive patients and are all OK so far. Finger crossed. PPE does seem reduce risk.
Catherine Hayden
Our restart page with LOTS of great links: https://ci.uky.edu/coronavirus/
When and where will the app be available for instructors to self-monitor?
David Stephenson
Has anyone in leadership discussed whether or not students will stay on campus if classes are moved entirely online during the semester?
Catherine Hayden
They have moved most, if not all, residence halls to one per room so I believe the plan is to keep the residence halls open.
Erika Engstrom
DOUG POWELL: Here's answer from webinar and Tyler Gayheart: The web app version will be communicated via and email and text (reminders) and widely available to all staff, faculty and students (who are considered on campus) on Aug 10th (Monday). Requirements for screener will begin on Aug 17th. The mobile app, which is an added experience - not required - will be widely available for download via Google and iOS on or before Aug 20th. More information will be posted on the website: https://www.uky.edu/coronavirus/students/testing-screening-and-tracing
Kakie Urch
So these are students who DO NOT go through DRC? I thought we were supposed to send all these requests to DRC?
Scott Johnson
This year, the last day to drop is pretty late. Last day to add is really early
Kelly McAninch
Kakie, it is my impression that these could be students who have gone through DRC or not necessarily. But the point is that we document if a student is taking a hybrid/in-person as online.
Scott Johnson
August 21 is last day to add. September 8 is last day to add without having class appear on transcript
Jennifer Greer
Thanks, Scott. Aug. 21 seems like a good date for us to send the slips through. I’ll verify with the provost’s office and registrar whether that date would work.
Jennifer Greer
Jen — go to your unit head. If I need to step in, Erika will let me know.
Scott Johnson
Our custodian said that she won’t be cleaning the offices, except on request. If you need your trash emptied, put it in the hallway
Jennifer Greer
Kakie — per DRC - changing the mode for one student is not typically considered a reasonable accommodation (meaning prior to a semester). DRC will let you know if there’s a rare case when they request that. The students who are asking for the accommodations for this probably aren’t DRC students.
Jennifer Greer
Hyun Ju. Thank you for your comment and for stressing being flexible
Heather Jo Burke
Thanks for sharing your experiences, Hayley!
Derek Lane
Hayley—thanks for putting together the Mask Q&A Document! I look forward to reading it.
Hayley Hoffman
You’re welcome! Hope it’s useful for y’all.
Allyson DeVito
Hayley did a great job putting that document together! She even lists some suggestions for comfortable masks to wear. :)
Kyra Hunting
Thank you Hayley!!
Allyson DeVito
Hayley’s document: https://ci.uky.edu/ci/sites/default/files/Teaching%20in%20a%20Pandemic%20Q%20%26%20A.pdf
Hayley Hoffman
My email is hayley.hoffman@uky.edu if anyone has questions that aren’t answered in the Q&A document.
Scoobie Ryan
Just received approval for modality changes for two requests!!! Letting everyone know so you know there’s some progress
Heather Jo Burke
It was more recently (the distance/hybrid distinction)—for schedulers, they are particular about location, etc. The modality note in the catalog is separate from the originally listed meeting pattern, so I’m assuming they are keeping the original class’s coding for billing/record-keeping purposes. So some faculty teaching fully online will have their class labeled “Fully Online” for modality, but the original campus class time/location will show up beneath it. So if you are fully online, as long as the modality shows as that, then that’s correct (regardless of the original meeting pattern listed).
Scott Johnson
I love Steve Zahn!
Allyson DeVito
Echo 360?
Chris Larmour
Evan also has access
Catherine Hayden
Faculty who have questions regarding Echo 360 should start with contacting Chris Larmour and Scott Johnson.Additional resources can be found here:https://uky.service-now.com/techhelp (search echo 360)https://teachanywhere.uky.edu/UKIT has a fairly supported Echo360 page and ServiceNow Articles here: https://www.uky.edu/its/customer-support-student-it-enablement/classroom-av-support-student-technology-services/echo360And here: https://uky.service-now.com/techhelp?id=search&t=&q=Echo360&search=
Scott Johnson
Troy Cooper
Evan Thompson
Scoobie Ryan
From the Vice Provost’s email to me re: teaching modalities: “I also want to recognize CIS in general and offer my appreciation to CIS for providing a good mix of modality options for students. I appreciate that your college has supported the campus commitment to providing in-person instructional options (hybrid and traditional) for our students who want those. “
Allyson DeVito
Thanks for posting that, Scoobie!