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Jennifer Greer
Link https://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/university-health-service/student-health/services/absences
Jennifer Greer
This is for the excused absence form for testing
Will Buntin
Now that phase 1 is done, is there planned follow up for any students who do not have a test result on file? And once phase 2 is complete, are there discussions about continuing testing for the general student population?
Will Buntin
Will the results from phase 2 be released publicly?
David Stephenson
I am getting many emails from students asking “should I not come to class today because . . . ?” Should I refer them to the daily screening and let system that answer the question for them?
Kakie Urch (she, her)
/are we at capacity in the isolation residence halls?
Erika Engstrom
Chris Larmour
I have heard from several students that there are entire fraternity and sorority houses that are under quarantine - is there a point of communication for those kind of large-scale quarantine or isolation situations?
Erika Engstrom
Question: Has UK contacted Beshear? What is the contact between UK and governor's office?
Chris Larmour
So that faculty are aware of the impact to their students and their class attendance
Answer question about ongoing testing for students? what does this look like?
Kyra Hunting
At some point (perhaps the app) will there be a definition or guideline for “ill” for that question on the screener? There is a great deal of subjectivity in that term.
Sarah Geegan
We are communicating with the governor’s office regularly and talking through issues related to data reporting.
Al Cross
Here's what Ky. Health News reported yesterday: After Beshear expressed concern over the cases at the University of Kentucky, UK spokesperson Jay Blanton said Thursday, “We will continue – as we have throughout this process – to work closely with the governor’s office and the Department for Public Health to provide information they request about what we are doing to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our campus community.”
Chris Larmour
Is there any communication to campus/faculty about those larger scale quarantine situations, so they can be aware of the impact to their classes?
Nancy Harrington
James Keck in our College of Medicine just got a CDC grant to study evidence of Covid-19 in waste water.
Scott Johnson
Heard a story on NPR about that. It’s very clever.
Kakie Urch (she, her)
The health department statistics put UK students at 500 positives. Our dashboard puts it at 259 positives. Why the disparity in figures?
Will Buntin
At least one reason for the discrepancy in numbers is that UK stopped reporting cases as of sometime last weekend.
Erika Engstrom
There never seems to be an answer to "how many cases would be the maximum acceptable": The Herald-Leader reports 423 cases at UK since August 3.
Anthony Limperos
has there been any need to contact trace for specific classes or are we relying on the protocol of masking and six-feet distance to mitigate that?
Kyra Hunting
Are we tracking to see if we start to see positive clusters in classes where people aren’t moving seats/etc. to see if those guidelines need to change?
Sarah Geegan
The dashboard reflects numbers conducted through our testing partner, Wild Health. It does not include tests conducted off-site, which were uploaded to UHS. We will include those UHS numbers in our Phase I report, which we plan to release in the next few days. The reason for excluding these numbers initially was because we needed to reconcile that data… ensure students had signed consent forms, etc. We are waiting until we have the new dashboard developed before we begin reporting Phase II numbers.
Kyra Hunting
I mean if people didn’t get in 6 feet but the classes still seem to have clusters in them. Since we are still learning about transmission.
Nicky Lewis
One issue I've run into is class sessions running over time and students congregating in the halls in close proximity. Students from different classes then run into each other back to back as classes end and begin... Thoughts on this?
Al Cross
What's the purpose of using different terms for isolation and quarantine orders if they order the same thing? Easy internal distinction?
Sarah Geegan
The underlying factors we use to monitor the health and well-being of our campus and operational status include:Supply of PPE.The number of critical care beds in UK HealthCare to serve both campus and community.Positivity rates.The capacity for daily screening and ongoing contact tracing.The capacity for isolation and quarantining.The ability to provide residential experience on our campus.Guidance from local, state and federal health and public policy officials.
Jennifer Greer
I wondered the same thing…is it and internal record keeping function.
Sarah Geegan
QUARANTINE: Separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed (but have not tested positive to COVID) to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.SELF-ISOLATION: Separates sick people with a contagious disease (they have tested positive for COVID) from people who are not sick.
Al Cross
David Stephenson
@Sarah Geegan, How does the university define and calculate “positivity rate?” Whose numbers are you using or not using and over what time frame?
Sarah Geegan
#tested positive/#total tested
Sarah Geegan
Aug. 3-22
David Stephenson
Since Aug. 3?
David Stephenson
Sarah Geegan
Yes, but moving toward having more real time numbers where we would remove those who have recovered
David Stephenson
Including numbers of students, faculty and staff who may have tested off-campus?
Enormously helpful. Thank you so much.