Kara Lee's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Brittany Krajewski
no question, thanks though
Christine McCallum
question for the clinical educators; do you find that students are not traveling on days off or right before clinical experiences? have you seen any changes as the pandemic has gone on
Jennifer Brown
Fairveiw Hospital: we try to have students avoid direct contact with known COVID patients. They are responsible to get their own vaccine. I have a student now who got ill after his second shot... so he was agreeable to make up the one day he missed.
a website for students who may need a place to rent, etc for clinicals is: rotatingrooms.com I believe...one of my clients told me about it; she helps with med students and occasionally PT/OT students here locally....just putting this out for you all in case you don't know about it.
Kara Lee
Thanks for all of the information you shared today! Bethany, great presentation. All other CIs/SCCEs, thanks for sharing you do in our meetings and offline. We as DCEs are always excited to hear from you!
Thank you all! Love being a part of this!
Meredyth Arnott
Yes, thank you to all!