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Anthony Limperos
With or without a mask I believe
Nancy Harrington
Becky Dutch was the third presenter. She's a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. She is amazing! She recommended this website as a source of current, credible information on the virus: https://asm.org/COVID/COVID-19-Research-Registry/Home
Scoobie Ryan
That same question came up repeatedly during the Service Learning and Civic Engagement Council meeting yesterday and no one could answer it.
Kevin Real
"All faculty, staff and students must self-assess for symptoms daily." From the Playbook, p. 30
Kakie Urch
So: does attendance at a socially distanced class that we are putting together count as a “contact” with faculty member and will we be traced as well?
There will be a hotline to report incidents or non-compliance.
Allyson DeVito
Based on what Nancy shared, I have a student right now in my summer class. She is a student athlete and was required to be tested. She tested positive but has not had any symptoms.
Kakie Urch
That’s the policy in our dorms. No visitors including parents
Catherine Hayden
I believe you are allowed one “helper” for move in to residence halls since they will not have the full move-in staff to help as they normally do
Tina Navis
As a parent of incoming freshmen. There will be similar restrictions in the dorm. You must use your ID to swipe into the dorm. No outside visitors through the first 15-30 days in the dorm.
Kakie Urch
Once they are in, they are in a bubble.
Marc Whitt
I've not heard.
Kakie Urch
My nephew is moving in
Marc Whitt
Just moved my son to a house off campus. It's him and one other buddy.
Scoobie Ryan
I reviewed the MOUs and waiver after the Service Learning meeting
Scoobie Ryan
They characterized them as “best practices” but not required now
Brandi Frisby
MOU and acknowledgement of risk documents being reviewed by EOC, this process will be managed at college level
Jennifer Greer
Thanks Brandi — we can have the units handle this in consultation with you as the Associate Dean.
Derek Lane
Have the updates been made to SAP?
Derek Lane
That answered it, Brandi
Jennifer Greer
Not yet.
Anthony Limperos
Did they explain why some people (like myself) did not even get assigned a room? Should larger classes be planning for online instruction
Kelly McAninch
Thank you so much for following up on course times, Brandi!
Naomi Maloney
Availabiliy of IT to help us in the next 2 weeks to test systems?
Kakie Urch
And all of that is on the Tools list that CELT has on TeachAnywhere… at least the options.
Chris Larmour
If students are online-only, video proctoring can have some issues with poor network connections, so that is something to consider if you’re planning to utilize this
Kakie Urch
There is an RFP out in current RFPs, posted about 2 weeks ago.
Megan Sizemore
How should faculty handle DRC requests for hybrid classes? I have a student who states the DRC has documentation verifying she should not be attending in-person classes and would like all of her class time to be virtual. Why would the DRC allow this student to register for a hybrid class, if it will risk her health? How are faculty to adjust their hybrid classes for each DRC student, who state health risks, if they attend the hybrid class?How do I meet the DRC needs of the student in a hybrid class, she cannot attend?
Kelly McAninch
If you don't mind, to go back to the DRC question, if a student has documentation verifying she should not be attending in-person classes, then what accommodations ARE appropriate in a hybrid class? Or are we essentially saying we are not going to make accommodations like this and instead we are going to ask any student with DRC accommodations to switch from hybrid to online classes?
Kyra Hunting
Do we know if the governor extends the recommendation to not have in-person instruction from the third week of August to longer do we know if we will follow recommendations or would need an order?
Kevin Real
TLAI has put together a video guide for ideas on how to use video platforms for flexible delivery based on the available equipment: https://teachanywhere.uky.edu/choosing-video-platforms
Megan Sizemore
https://www.uky.edu/coronavirus/employees/employee-faqs See UK employee FAQ where they address school and childcare
Brandi Frisby
middle of semester issues may be addressed by some of the continuity of instruction methods
Raj Gaur
How is the attendance policy for face-to-face sections this fall different from past semesters?
Deborah Chung
Any recommendations on requirements for the webcam in class? I attended several CELT sessions, and they encouraged flexibility for students (e.g., privacy issues, etc.). I know we can insert polling and ask for feedback via chat and do breakout rooms, but if I don’t see a student on the other end, I don’t know if the student is actually there the entire time. And since I will be recording my synchronous lectures, students may decide to watch later. Just wanted to know if there is a policy about this or recommendations about how to approach this most appropriately (related to attendance).
Adriane Grumbein
i already have a student who has emailed me that she will be returning from a trip overseas right before the beginning of the semester and will need to quarantine. Do we have any specific guidelines for missing the beginning of a course?
Will Buntin
For the student mandatory testing, has there been talk of what the turnaround time for results will be?
Yung Soo Kim
personally, I plan to have all my sessions online for the first two weeks (my classes are Hybrid).. then will meet in person from third week...
Kakie Urch
It is actually written down Kevin…. It came in one of the recent document drops…
Kyra Hunting
Some students won’t be able to come in from countries for various reasons, particularly for our Chinese students would IT be able to give us some information about what common learning technologies will not be accessible to students who are in China? To help us choose what to use in our teaching. I’ve heard Google applications like Google Docs aren’t accessible and Canvas is but don’t know much otherwise.
Tina Navis
Will - I believe my son's email said it would be 3 days for the UK testing locations.
Yung Soo Kim
during two weeks, I will have some synchronous sessions for sure...
Kakie Urch
Kevin this is the wording that came out in the Faculty Senate update: Excused AbsencesAcademic policies regarding excused absences can be found in the Senate Rules under "Excused Absences". The Senate Council has interpreted excused absences for the Fall 2020 semester to include an excuse from required in-person interactions if the student has been directed to self-quarantine by the University (including its app), a medical professional, public health professional, or government official.
Kyra Hunting
Yesterday or a couple days ago - I’ve seen it too. Its part of the recommended syllabus language we were sent out.
Scoobie Ryan
If you haven’t been checking your junk folder in email, I would suggest you do. A lot seems to get lost there these days
Yung Soo Kim
next week... AEJMC will be held...
Brandi Frisby
I will be unable to attend next week, but will answer any questions I have info on in writing for the group
Erika Engstrom
We will get through this. We will get through this together. Thank you, Dean Greer and everyone for being here.